About Us

"People expect to get old - their teeth wear out and they get fillings and replacements; Their eyes wear out and they get glasses of all kinds; Their hearing wears out and they get hearing aids - but somehow people never expect their feet to wear out. The feet are supposed to go on forever and yet they work harder and under worse conditions than most everything. Your podiatrist considers walking a privilege. He is dedicated to keeping you walking in comfort."

Services Include

Heel Pain * Bunion * Injuries * Warts * Fungus

Joint Replacement * Diabetic Foot Care * Diabetic Shoes

Corns & Calluses * Ingrown Toenails * Hammertoes

Digital & Complete Foot Reconstruction

Flatfoot Reconstruction * Office Xray & Surgery

Fracture Care & Management

 Podiatry Associates of Beaufort

1084 Ribaut Road

Beaufort, SC 29902

(843) 524-0232

 Podiatry Associates of Bluffton

167 Bluffton Road, Suite E

Bluffton, SC 29910

(843) 757-1633

1084 Ribaut Road, Beaufort, South Carolina | 843-524-0232 | fax: 843-524-3323

167 Bluffton Road, Suite E, Bluffton, South Carolina | 843-757-1633 | fax: 843-757-1634